Long time, no see.

Captain Luke Kavajecz with big Permit on fly.

Captain Luke Kavajecz with big Permit on fly.

Jeez. I’m getting to be downright horrible at updated the blog. Does once a year count? Anyways, I thought I’d throw a little news out there for ya, if anyone still checks in on this…..

I just returned from our annual trip to what I’m now calling Island “X.” This year we had great tides for Permit fishing and four were landed in the week. I was fortunate enough to bring two to hand. I’ve had many, many shots at these magnificent fish over the years down there, but have never come tight on one. I would say that of all the fish people talk about, Permit are the only ones that live up to the hype. They can drive you nuts, but they truly are worth the wait.

On the Freshcoast front, I’ve got limited days available for Spring smallmouth fishing. May 16th, June 12,13,15,27 are all that’s left for May/June. Get a hold of me (luke@freshcoastangling) if interested in any dates.

Events: I’ll be heading down to Madison for The Black Earth Angling Drinking With Scissors event on Feb. 20th. Should be a good time. I’ll also be working the Sage Booth at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo in March.

Media: Third Year Fly Fisher will be releasing his newest film “Summer Haze:” A Warm Water Fly Fishing Film in early March. Freshcoast Angling will appear in the film, so if you’d like to see us in action, be sure to check it out. I’ll post a link when it becomes available.